About Us

Paige’s Pony Parties, LLC is a family owned and operated business. The owner, Paige Neblo, and her family, have over 25 years of experience raising, training, and showing horses. This business has been a dream of Paige’s since she was a child; in 2018, that dream came true!

Paige and her family have traveled the country to find show quality, kind, gentle ponies to be a part of this special business. They are not just ponies, but members of the family, and are treated as such.


Paige is a mother and works full-time as an account manager for Uckele Health & Nutrition. She spent most of her childhood and teenage years showing Quarter Horses and was also a member of 4-h.

She is very passionate about bringing magic, joy, and awe into the hearts of children.


Deb Neblo is Paige’s loving mother and her biggest supporter. Like Paige, Deb grew up showing horses and was even married on horseback.

Deb is extremely talented at horse training and is incredible with children!


Caitlin Rohlan is Paige’s childhood best friend. Caitlin also grew up showing horses and cattle in 4-h.

She always has a smile on her face and puts forth an incredible amount of enthusiasm in everything she does. She is fantastic with children, and a mother of two herself.

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