A. This family-owned business was established in 2018 and we have over 25 years of experience raising, handling, and showing horses and other farm animals. All our animals are treated like family; they are extremely healthy and happy. Our meticulous attention to detail and dedication to exceptional service, is second to none. Our number one goal is to make your event be the best that it can be!

A. A pony party is an event or celebration where a real-life pony (or ponies) attend your special event. We have several party packages to choose from; some of which include our miniature goats! We specialize in unicorn themed events, but also have cowboy themes available too. If you do not see a package that works for your event, we would be happy to personalize one for you. We provide hand-led rides right on your property or location of choice. While the rides are taking place, our handlers will answer any questions the rider may have, making this both educational and fun! We always strive to make sure everyone gets the same number of rides to ensure everyone goes home happy!

A. A list of our prices can be found under the “Pricing” tab. If you do not see a package that works for your event, please reach out to us! We would be happy to personalize one for you.

A. In our experience, 1 hour has been plenty of time for a pony party with less than 20 children. Often, the children will even ride 2-3 times. If you feel your child and guests will need more time, an additional 30 minutes can be added to party packages for $25.

A. If you are ready to book a party (or other event), please click here and leave us a message. You can also call, text, or send us a message on Facebook. A non-refundable, $50 deposit is required to reserve a date and time; this goes towards your remaining balance. If inclement weather interferes and we cannot reschedule, we will refund your deposit.

A. Yes! Safety is of utmost importance and our handlers are experienced, child-friendly, and very safety conscious. While rides are taking place, there is always a handler just an arm’s reach away. If a child seems unsteady in the saddle, we will ask a parent to walk beside them. Our ponies have all been carefully selected due to their gentle and patient nature. They are all well-trained and dependable in all types of environments.

A. It is very important that we enforce a strict, 80lb weight limit to protect the health and well-being of our ponies. A full-size horse is available upon request and has a weight limit of 150 lbs.

A. An area of at least 450 square feet is required for pony rides. Please note that ponies cannot give rides on slopes, hills, or gravel. We will also need at least 45 feet (about 3 car lengths) of parking space for our truck and trailer, as close as possible to the location where you would like us to set up.

A. All our ponies and goats are used to being around dogs, however most dogs have never seen a pony or goat before. For the safety of our animals, your children, and guests, we ask that all dogs are kept inside at all times. We also ask you speak to your neighbors in advance and ensure their dogs will not be able to enter your yard. A dog that charges towards a pony or nips at their ankles can cause a serious safety hazard for children and the pony. We love and adore our ponies, goats, and your children, and want to keep everyone safe and happy.

A. We have found that most parks will allow a pony party, but some do not. We ask you provide us with the name and location of the park, as well as the phone number to the proper officials; we will call to confirm for you.

A. We provide treats so that the children may feed the pony a treat at the end of the party. We ask that the children line up in a single file line and wait for a handler to assist them. It is very important that the children do not try to feed the pony without supervision of a staff member.

A. We use water-based, non-toxic finger paint to ensure your children and the pony are safe. It rinses right off with a little bit of water.

A. We come prepared with clean up and disposal equipment. We promise to leave your property as pristine as it was when we arrived.

A. Our operating dates are March 1st through October 31st. We feel it is important for our ponys’ mental and physical health to have a break during the winter months. Just as the winter can be hard on us, it can also be hard on our ponies to continue working. We take this time to spoil them a little extra and just let them be ponies. We do have gift certificates available so children with winter birthdays can enjoy a pony party at a later date!

A. The ponies do not mind working in light rain. If the weather report is calling for heavy rain or thunder/lightening, we will make other arrangements. Most of the time, we have enough wiggle room in our schedule to push the time ahead or back by an hour or two, if this will help avoid the inclement weather. If we need to cancel due to weather, we will do our best to reschedule, or your deposit will be refunded.

A. At this time, we are strictly mobile and not able to offer parties at our farm. We do offer private photography sessions and unicorn meet-and-greet sessions at our farm.

We ask that you please respect the following rules:

  • Parents, please be sure to always keep an eye on your children. We stay very busy keeping track of our ponies and goats and will not be able to supervise children as well. 
  • Please keep children at least 20 feet away from the ponies when we are unloading them from the horse trailer and getting them ready.
  • Please do not let children stand or walk directly behind a pony.
  • If the goats will be joining your party, please do not feed them any food besides what we provide. 
  • Please be sure that all toddlers are held by the hand when walking near or interacting with a pony.
  • All ride on toys, umbrellas, and balls must be kept in an area away from the ponies.
  • Please do not allow children to feed the pony without supervision of a handler.
  • While the ponies are giving rides, please refrain children from swinging on swings or jumping on trampolines nearby.
  • Please inform all guests, parents, and children that there is no running up to or around the ponies. We also ask that they refrain from waving any toys or balloons around them.
  • Children are never allowed to smack, hit, kick, or hurt any of our animals. They are sweet, gentle animals and they deserve to be treated kindly.
  • Each child must have a waiver signed by a parent or guardian prior to riding a pony. If the parent or guardian will not be present during the party, they must sign a waiver for their child prior to leaving.

Following the checklist below ensures children and animals remain safe and helps the party to run smoothly.

  • Please confirm your party at least 24 hours before.
  • Remember to have 45 feet (3 car lengths) of parking space for our truck and trailer, as close to the area we will be setting up as possible.
  • Please ensure children are not on the road or driveway when we arrive. It is also important that children stay at least 20 feet back while we unload the ponies. 
  • Please be sure your yard has not been treated with pesticides in at least 7 days.
  • Have the designated pony ride area clear. All active play toys, balls, bikes, electric cars should be put away.
  • Have your dogs locked up, preferably in a crate, so a child or guest doesn’t accidentally let them out.

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